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11th Jun 2013

How do do Spire

First off the best setup for this is 2 archers, 1 knight and 1 heal mage. You can do other setups but this is the best setup for us. When you enter Spire make sure you pot up and use warriors call if you have it, also make sure you formation is ready and you have the right skills set before you enter.

When you start the fight you will have 4 extra buffs above your skills to chose from. They are limited to use them wisely!

You will start off with these 4 buffs.
1. Shield - You get 3 uses of these, each time you use one it will put a shield above you that will absorb alot of damage for 3 turns. Use this if you are very low health or know you are about to take a big hit.

2. Heal - You get 3 uses of these, They will heal you for alot of health so only use this if you are low health and you know you are not gonna get a heal from your mage in time before the next hit.

3.Damage - You get 3 uses of these, Each time you use it it will give you 200%+ damage for 3 turns. Timing is everything with these so don't waste them.

4.Resurrect - You only get one of these. You can resurrect yourself or a random team mate if you need too.

Every once in awhile you might see a treasure thief that comes with a boss. He doesn't hit hard but does take a bit to kill. When you kill him you will get 1 random extra buff added to the ones you already have.

Ok now on to the boss fight....

1. First boss, if your at least 55 this boss is just used to build rage up. No buffs should be used on this boss.

2. Second boss, He is pretty much a rage builder to and you should avoid using buffs on him if you can.. when he gets to 50% on the 2x bar of life he will spawn 4 lizards. Trick to this is 2 or 3 of your group should aoe them down as soon as possible and then continue to build rage.

3. 3rd boss, a little more pain in the ass but doable if you do it right. As soon as you kill the 2nd boss make sure everyone Aoes right away when the 3rd boss appears to get ride of his spawn of your team will take alot of damage. You can use a sheild for this so you dont take alot of damage before you aoe the spawn down. Once spawn is dead build up rage on this boss.. When he gets to the last health bar about 25% in he will add a debuff. You want to avoid this at all cost. In order to do that what you must do is build up rage and then when he gets close to Last health bar have 3 of your group memebers click their damage buff rune and do their power hit. Doing this will kill him before he adds a debuff which is stackable if you don't avoid it.

4. 4th Boss, is nothing special except he hits a little harder but dies pretty quick so the best method for this is to build up rage and slow down your damage until your Damage buff and You power hit timer is off. Then right before he gets to the last Bar do as mention above. Have 3 of your team mates click the damage buff rune and then do your power hit to kill him before he adds a debuff.

5. Boss 5th again is nothing special, Same as boss 4 just build up rage and wait for damage timer and power hit to be off its timer so you can use them at last health bar.

6. Boss 6 hits kinda harder then the rest but doesn't spawn anything and doesn't add a debuff so this boss you just kill as fast as you can.

7.Boss 7 is kinda of a pain but as long as you don't have any of those debuffs on from boss 3, 4, and 5, you should be good. This one you might have to use some heal runes or sheilds but if you have at least 55 gear and have decent damage, decent defense and decent heals you should be ok. As from what I seen he does an Aoe every couple turns so after you kill the 6th boss and the 7th boss spawns i would use the shield buff after his first hit.

8. Is a pain and as far as I know you need alot of magic defense to beat this boss so i'm assuming 60 pve gear is needed for this. If we figure out another way i'll post it here.

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